(en) Valio Tchenkov, Vincent Mitzev: Air Hunters


Opening Feb 15th 2013 from 20 h

Open Fridays from 19 h.

[Video of the performance]


The Documenta is the biggest and most important exhibition throughout the world. None other can match it. So – let’s go! Irresistible attraction! The art is spectacular, unique, groundbreaking, peerless and priceless … and widely scattered.

Normally, the Fridericianum is a stuffy place. But not today. A wind is blowing through the rooms – look, a piece of art! Invisibly, but all the more beseechingly a soft whiff touches our senses. We call it The Breeze. The art eases our breathing and strengthens our will. We are fascinated. Of all the many artworks in the Documenta 13, this one surpasses all others in glamour and charm. The Breeze is our Muse, the Muse of all Muses. It celebrates our soul. We are enraptured. We want to stay. Forever and ever.

We look and we marvel – but after a few days of ecstasy, alas, we have to return home. It is painful to leave all this glorious art behind. We would like to wrap it all up and take it with us – including the booth, the visitors and the wardens. But it’s impossible…

„Nothing is impossible!“ cries a voice, the voice of our Muse. No, a separation is out of the question. So we make a decision: If we can’t take the art, let us take the Documenta Spirit! We grab it. Look at it! A prisoner in a bag. A bag full of air. The Breeze … We carry it home.

And then we hear the voice again. It whispers softly, seductively, „How do you do, boys? Don’t worry; I’ll come with you. You don’t need to catch me: just open the bag and I’ll jump inside! But if you insist, you may also catch me, of course… Do you speak English?“ „Of course, of course we do, Schätzchen …“

But it’s not that we go through all that trouble just for ourselves alone. No, no! We do it for all the good folk who haven’t seen this wonderful exhibition. For those whom art would make happier, but who couldn’t make it to Kassel. For those of you. we set up a date with the real Documenta Spirit – packed and compressed. An irresistible temptation. We show it to everybody who can appreciate it, ­ but we keep it for ourselves. It’s ours! (The precious!) Forever!

Vincent Mitzev / Valio Tchenkov